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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Space Chimps

So, I went to watch movie again this morning..yes movie again..This time is my brother who want to watch. He insists to watch this chimps we went to Garden GSC Signatures to watch since he never been to there... the whole cinema only have 6's prove that expensive tickets really hard to attract people although the environment is nice and the whole place is so class. Even the worker there are dress up so smart. Toilet worker are the same too..

Yesterday went to sing k with brother and dear...1st time singing with both of them...still fun except that there is so many advertisement during the break and it took very long time too about 3-4 minute...every time we change a song we have to wait for so long...sigh..dear said not going Sunway red box anymore..will be going Neway or maybe redbox in Garden (higher price better service i think) next time...
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