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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I went back to Penang for four days. Nothing really can do there except eat sleep and eat sleep. I do go back there eat the famous food, miss the food so much. In penang, all the road side now you can see a lot of people selling durian. Yeap, it's durian season. My favourite DURIAN but unfortunately I can't eat because I have sore throat and ulcer. People dam chak like me sure eat no matter how, but I have lost under this sore throat thing. It just make me no mood to taste those delicious food..damn..just hate them..Go away sore throat!!Go away ulcer!!

So, I'm back to KL again. Counting the calendar, I still left about 2 weeks time before the new sem start. Oh my, I have go back USM to study more play play or couch potato at home anymore.
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