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Friday, June 26, 2009


Morning, I woke up a bit early than usual today, switch on my comp and check the mail box. That's what I always do but something caught my eye when I prepared to click on the mail box. A news showing MJ's photo, headline " Goodbye Micheal". What is that I was thinking...then I quickly went to the news column to have a full story of MJ. He is dead..He died of cardiac arrest..I'm shock for a moment before I recover to my normal situation. Although I am not a big fan of MJ but I do feel sad about his dead. He's a great singer that the world is proud of. Everyone love his songs and dance. His unique dance that most people try to act to be like him.

He was very famous when I was small. I just remembered that I had his album when he and his brother performed in group that is when he 1st started singing in the music industry. I got this from a contest that my mom won. This is the 25th anniversary collection, inside consists of 4 CDs. All the songs were very nice, no wonder they are so famous at that time.

Micheal, you are the best, you will always be remember in our heart. R.I.P MJ

Below is the song that I feel comfort to listen now, it's " you are not alone"

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