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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Two day bengkel with BHEPP

I didn't go back to my grandma house this week due to the Bengkel Pembangunan Pengurusan Persatuan Pelajar organised by BHEPP. It is a two days bengkel where the first day was the open ceremony, I went there just to listen to the Timbalan Naib Canselor BHEPP's speech for open ceremony. I can said that this is wasting time and money. Why do I mention the money thing because everyone was given a fail with pen and papers, even after the opening ceremony and 1 and half hour of speech, we were asked to have jamuan ringan outside the hall... I didn't go for the jamuan, I went back my room straight after that. So tired..

Today, we have to register ourselves at 9am for the bengkel. After 1 hour speech, we have minum pagi, then continue with 2 and the half hours, we have makan tengahari . Besides, before we finish the whole bengkel thing, we were served with minum petang again. Before our stomach can dissolve, we were asked to eat again. It is like a bengkel makan...anyway it's no complaint..haha..

In the bengkel, they touch about blogger. They warned those who are bloggers cannot simply put university name on the blog or even any prof name, this will deteriorate the name of the university if they give bad comment on it or even posting rumours on them. So, now we are not free to comment on our blog anymore? Is this the purpose we create a blog if we cant even comment on our daily life? I really can't understand what are they scare of if there is nothing to be scare of. Only those who have secret behind will scare people to comment.. Anyway, I will not influenced by them to stop comment on my university. I will comment as much as I like...blek..
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