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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Convo week

Currently waiting time to pass so that I can attend the next class which will last till 9.30pm today. damn..just don't like today. University Holiday going to start next week but I'm going back this Friday morning. I should go back tomorrow since no class in the afternoon...haiz..nvm..more time for me to pack my stuff.

This week is Convo week in my Uni. As usual, the whole tapak to DTSP will be full of stalls selling food, gifts and clothes. Vegetarian from Buddhist club is selling hot. At this time sure many people will buy from them. 3 vege+rice+soup+drink=RM3.50, not bad right. But I found that the taste of the food is not really good compare to last year. Maybe this year they have change their cooks. USM should have a vegetarian shop here since so many pp like vegetarian nowdays including me of course..haiz..but I think will not happen.. Food that are selling in the stalls not really cheap compare to our cafeteria in hostel. People just take this opportunity to sell high price since convo is once a year. Uni is gaining profit too since they are renting a stall from RM500 and above depend on square fit..imagine how much they can get from this convo alone. No wonder we are not allow to close the University because of the Convocation. They don't want to ruin the convocation which can earn so much...rumours that I heard from... maybe it's true..

All classes in DK have been announced to cancel to avoid conjestion with the convocation but my classes still on because most of my classes are in SK and Maths sch...just can't ponteng..haiz.. After holiday, I'll be having 4 mid term tests together in the same week..Oh me...I wan holiday but not study at home.
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