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Monday, September 07, 2009

2 days 1 night interaction camp has ended. During the camp, I was in charge in food but I got some mistaken during preparing the food.. Not too blame in anyone in this because I was fully in charge in this section and the only one is to blame is myself..hehe.. but the food still can eat ah just tasteless in the bihun and too salty in the BBQ chicken..haha..

All the time I spend in the kitchen cooking so I didn't spend any time knowing any of the juniors..haiz..nevermind, they know me can already la..haha.. So do I have fun? I can tell you yes but not in the game part but the talking and chating part with the members.

What do I think about this camp? I can't said I never saw such messy and unorganised camp ever in my life... critic critic..yes I'm criticing my own KKF camp.. A bad exco I am.. From the start when we touch down to the camp site, they never announced what should the juniors and members should do but passing some sheets for us to fill in without telling us how to fill. Then they use the pembesar suara to shout at eveyone telling them to fill in the form without grouping everyone. At last they group everyone in a very rude manner where all members lazy to care about. Everyone just sat on the floor. Everyone form in group to hike into the Penang National Park. Me and other 4 excos took boat to Pantai Kerachut so I didn't have the chance to see the problem they face during the hiking.

Next was the game part, during the whole camp there were a station games and ice-breaking games. So few games to play plus some excos just play among themselves without care about the juniors. I really don't know what to say. Even the own station leader do not know how to play their own station games and make the members blur. After BBQ, they never organise any games to play but insisted junior to go sleep and the time is so early. What do we call camp? If we need to sleep then is better we sleep at home and don't go camp. Camp is for us to play play play all nite. I really don't know what are they thinking. One word from me : 烂

Project manager don't know what she is doing also. Don't have time managment. Let juniors so many time on playing on their own. If we need like that is better for them to come their own and don't do camp. I really want to scold them but i don't want waste my time on people who don't appreaciate..

Today we will have a feedback on this camp at night. I will see what are they going to say and what those people want to blame who now. They sure said this camp successful but I will ask them what they success tonight.
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