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Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to KL few days ago,
have been going out with dear ,
when to watch "where got ghost" on Friday.
Funny Singapore movie,
3rd chapter of the story continue the movie of "money not enough 2"
It's wise to watch "money not enough 2" before you watch "where got ghost".

Today when to watch the cute hamsters' movie "G-Force"
All the hamsters are so brilliant and smart.
In the end the enemy was their own friend,
cant believe that...oh my..
Will my friends become like that?
Are their planing anything behind my back?
Rather choose not to know..

I went to have a hair cut to on the day I flied back to KL,
my hair is shorter now and a bit funky too..
regretted to cut so not my style..
just wait it to grow long..haha...
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