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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yesterday went to OLD TOWN White coffee to have dinner with my grandma,
give her a treat to pay back her for helping in my clothes..
Thankz ah ma..

Songs that played in Old TOWN White coffee,
childhood memories came back to my mind.
" My Love" from Westlife was once my favourite,
1st time sang with my good friend under the tree.
" Shape of my heart" from Westlife too..
Memories back when 1st time I listen Westlife's 1st album from my friend's diskette.
Until now, I still love them..
Michael Learns to rock's song was the 3rd song,
This lead me to think back when my dad 1st learn to sing using their song,
we taught dad how to sing in the right tune.. funny..

All of the sudden, I have an idea for the maths night program,
I will like to bring everyone back to the past of Maths school,
where how maths school start till now..
great idea I think..hehe..
wanna see how I create and arrange the program in Maths night,
then come and see for yourself next year...hoho...
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