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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun day

Last Saturday after dinner at 火锅之家, I went to Ho Kai Kong Temple with my cousin and ah ma. It was Ho Kai Kong Birthday on Sunday but there is a bath ceremony on Saturday night. Of course, I can't miss this chance to have a look look and take bath too..haha..The last time I came was when I was 7 years old I think. Too long, don't really remember, I just remember we all went wet and then we quickly ran up dad's car...haha..A great day I have with my family and a new thing I experienced.

On Sunday, we went to the temple again. This time is the cop cop time. Cop what? hehe..Cop clothes la.. Chinese tradisional thing, hard to explain...a ritual ceremony done.. I didn't take any photos on the ceremony because my cousin don't allow..swt..she said cannot but didn't said why..I also lazy to ask...So as usual we have to queue up for the cop cop thing and arguement started when people started to jump Q..."This is the usual thing every year done by the human" said my aunty. So I got my "xin lei"(a paper doll written my name on it) for RM4 for the cop cloth...need to pay also.. and I queue for my turn. My cloth being copped by a big cop at the back, luckily I wore black so cant see any cop there..haha..But we are ask not to wear black next time...I purposely don't want to see the cop ma..blek:p. A fun day for me to see so many weird things..hehe..

the place we were queue to get wet..

Ah ma waited patiently..
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