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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Golden Key Night

Yesterday night I went to attend the Golden Key night at DK U. I was given a booklet with a golden key on it and my hand was mark a 7 which is for the game part. Not many people came to the GK night although it was said that about 800 students in USM are given this honor.

Let me give you some info about this GK. Golden Key is the world’s premier collegiate honor society, recognizing outstanding academic achievement and connecting high-achieving individuals locally, regionally & globally with lifetime opportunity, reward & success. Membership is by invitation only.

The benefits of Golden Key membership go far beyond academic recognition. In fact, Golden Key provides more tangible benefits than any other college honor society. Member benefits range from scholarships and development opportunities to jobs and internships. Through Golden Key, members are empowered with tools to help them realize their potential.

So that it is about GK which I copied down from its website. Not very sure much about GK although I have attended the GK night. They didn't explain much about it too, just ask everyone to join because it is a privilege if you got the invitation.

Later, there is a refreshment for everyone which are bihun and air ros. After the eating and crapping we went in to start the game. I have fun during the games. Our group named nameless because we cant think of a name. 1st game was speed maths but eventually our maths is slow so we didnt manage to win in this part...haha..i'm from maths school pula...malunya...haha...

2nd game is they gave us an egg, newspaper, a balloon and a tape. They want us to make sure the egg wont broke when we throw from the top. So, we got an good idea which is tape the egg 1st, even though if it break, no one can see it because we have tape it..haha.. Then we make a box to put the egg inside. We suppose to make a square box but it came out to be a cone box..haha..not much time to think..then we stick the balloon on top. It looks like a ship with funny..

Lastly came to the part that our representative went up to perform the throwing part. But no groups break the egg so they make everyone to exchange the eggs to cruel..
No matter how they throw, our egg didn't break or even a lucky..not lucky la it our brain smart that we made the egg save. It's the boat that we made in cone eventually push the egg up when they throw it down. so the egg didn't touch the ground and smart right..haha..lucky by mistake( luckily we make the wrong box)..haha..

Nah...Our proud egg...

Our team...Nameless
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