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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Movie Mania

Since back to KL,
below are the movies I have watch.

end of the world,
we can see have human being react when end of the world.
How selfishness human being can be,
How rich people and poor people are differentiate.

Twilight saga
I thought it will be much more interesting than the last movie
but it's really disappointing.
It's bored and what you can see is shirtless people jump here and there.
Yes, they have 6 packs but that is not what audiences want to see,
we want good story line,
expressions all wrong.

Ninja Assassin
I like the story but too much blood in the movie.
The blood pump out so fast and so much like water fake..
I like the action when fighting.

Poker King
A gamble movie, it is funny and some love story.
I like this movie.

Next week movie on cinema
Cannot be miss!!

Storm warriors
After 10 years, they are finally back!!!

Princess frog
A disney movie where a lot of good reviews on this movie.
Must Watch!!!
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