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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Maths night was over now,
Micro and Macro tests were overed too,
what left? Thai test next week...
Oh my, thought of having fun but what a "great" news to receive,
Khun khru Wallapa was smiling when announced this news...
I thought she was joking but it is not...sad...
Have to prepare for the coming DEA assignment too..
What is that? I don't really understand one single thing in DEA,
plus our great Dr Joshua didn't teach us how to do and let us independent.
Here is Malaysia not US, we need SPOONFEEDING!!!
Okay, I know that is bad but that is our culture, can't change..

I took only 17 units for this semester but why I felt it's more stress than last semester which I took 20 units..
Not fair!!! I have not go out with my friends this semester, not even a single movie. Argh..
Betahan already..

Chan ya:k pai su:-kho:n, pai du: nang!!! Chan mai so:p, dai mai?

Exam time table is out now. My exam time table is damn not nice. Last paper is on the last week of exam. I thought I can finish the exam earlier since I only have to take 4 papers. 3 weeks 4 papers, can you imagine how long I have to stuck with the time?

Time to go to bed now. Goodnite everyone. Sawatdi: kha.
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