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Friday, April 09, 2010


Today, I went to PIKOM PC Fair in PISA with my friends. This is my 1st time to visit Penang's PC fair. The place was quite big too but cant compare with KL one. Today was the 1st day of PC fair so the crowd is not so much. We parked inside PISA with parking fee RM2.00. I could see that the promoters are more than the buyers there. The promoters were really scary especially when we cross the broadband booth where 3 famous broadband(maxis,celcom and digi) booths were place together and all the promoters were lining up the whole path way. Luckily I found a way to avoid them..haha..that is walk through their behind..haha...

I bought a laptop cover which cost me RM 15. It have 3 colours-black,pink and light brown.

Cool ball which is stick behind the laptop. I want to find this ball very long time,at last I have found it. It is costs RM10. It have 4 colours-black,pink,white and blue.

Iriver MP4, yes I bought an MP4 today. My old MP4 has stop working since 2 months ago. So lucky I saw the iriver booth. I bought LPlayer that costs me RM259 for 4GB(NP:RM399). 2GB costs only RM199(NP:349). Plus a free LPlayer Cradle (speaker). It have 3 colour-black,pink and white. It also sell the Mickey MP3 which is RM119(1 GB) and RM179(2GB). The MIckey MP3 is really cute.

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