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Friday, December 17, 2010

Premier Screening-Tron Legacy

I went to watch Premier Screening of Tron Legacy in Sunway Pyramid. The whole TGV was crowded that day because they are like about 4 hall to screen Tron on the same day and same time. I won the pair of ticket from Nuffnang contest. Thanks Nuffnang! Before I got into the cinema, everyone need to hang over their handphone, camera and laptop on the counter provided. This is to ensure no video tapping on the movie I think. After that, we have to go through a scan check too. Security was thigh that day. Then, of course I enjoy  the movie without popcorn and drink...T.T.. Just to queue to buy popcorn, i have queue for like 10 minute so I just forget about it, walk into the cinema. I must said TGV staff work very slow compare to GSC staff. That's why I like to go GSC for movies.

Let's back to the movie, I like the movie especially all the light on the clothes and the electronic train. It may not be a very good storyline but still worth to watch. 

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