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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Asam Laksa (Kek Lok Si)

I have been eating laksa since back to Penang. Just back from Kek Lok Si to buy fan for the coming performance. I had lunch near the wet market there. What is famous here? Most people will tell you Asam Laksa. They sure will introduce you to eat Laksa opposite the wet market which you will see many people standing there to find a place to sit. But today, I'm not going introduce you that Asam Laksa as I think it is the worst Asam Laksa I ever ate. The taste is so weird where I can still remember the fishy smell.

Now, here another stall of Asam Laksa which is located inside the wet market there. The taste is not bad but to me it is not sour and pedas enough. At least I still think better than the outside stall.


coconut drink- RM1.50

I saw this popiah stall when drive pass it. It is quite interesting to saw a stall selling popiah and other fried food. Mostly we can see in Penang are lok bak stall but this stall is not the common lok bak stall. I bought  the deep fried popiah as it is written there "must try" for only RM1.00. The taste was a bit sweet but the popiah contain a layer of fried egg inside the popiah skin. Normally, popiah only contain vege but this is kind of new with egg inside. Still I don't really like it because it is sweet.

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