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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kinpachi Japanese Restaurant | Subang Jaya

It is time to find some nice Japanese restaurant for a change and this is the place that I visited recently. It was one of the oldest Japanese restaurant in Subang Jaya, and it definitely proves it all by the looks of it. Kinpachi is located at SS17, Subang Jaya, and it is operated in the 1st floor of the building. During the weekend, it is mostly packed and the seating capacity is quite small as well, around 30-33 pax max. I would recommend to make a reservation or else you might bump into a long queue at the entrance.

I saw all of the chefs are mainly Japanese, I guess this is the reason they can keep a good standard in their food. However, the waiter and waitress are all foreigners.

As for their food, I think it is fairy good and authentic. The price is quite reasonable too for an authentic Japanese restaurant. Looking back at these photos, makes me mouth watering again. 
Salmon Avocado Roll-RM 23

Yaki Gyoza- RM 14

Chuka Iidako Sushi-RM 6

Ebiko Sushi-RM 6

Tonpei Yaki-RM 17
For those who are familiar to Okonomiyaki, this is quite similar to the dish. This is an omelette filled with shredded cabbage and meat, topped with sweet and savory tonkatsu sauce and mayo. It turns out to be quite delicious even though everyone was super full at the time it is served. But we managed to finish up without hesitation.

Tonkatsu Set-RM 34

Unajyu-RM 60
I'm personally quite disappointed with this dish. I am expecting it to be at least similar to Japan's taste, but they truly failed on the rice. Portion is quite small too considering the price that I am paying.

Barasushi-RM 32

Wakayama Ramen- RM 20

Chashu Men-RM 22

We loved most of the food and it definitely a YES YES for us to come back again for the quality and price. It is a must try Japanese restaurant if you are a big fan of Japanese food.

Kinpachi Japanese Restaurant
Lot1.06, Wisma Dicor,
Jalan 17/1A, 47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5632 2022/ 03-5632 2017 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A trip to Jenjarom: Fo Guang Shang Temple | Selangor

It is my first time to visit Fo Guang Shang Temple in Jenjarom even though I have been staying in KL for 20 years now. It was during the Raya week that my parents wanted to have a trip to this beautiful and sacred place. Basically, you just type "Dong Zen temple" in Waze and it will bring you there, easy peasy.

The temple was built in 1994, in a 16 acres of land. Every Chinese New Year Celebration, the whole temple will be decorated with beautiful lighting and different themes each year. There is also calligraphy writing activity in the hall that you can learn and write.

There is a exhibition on Venerable Master Hsing Yun's calligraphy for a month during our visit. We are so glad that we got the chance to see his work.

A lot of cute statues placed everywhere in the temple. Just can't take my eyes off these cutie.

After the temple visit, we drove to one of the famous biscuit shop in Jenjarom. It is called Heritaste, located just 3 mins from the temple. They are famous for its peanut biscuit. You just can't miss it when you are here.

Their main products are the peanut biscuits (kacang tumbuk) and kacang pipang. It comes in various packaging with different sizes. 

I preferred this packaging. It is smallest size and easy to give out to friends & family.

40, Jalan Intan 2,
42600 Jenjarom,Selangor
Tel: 03-3191 3764
For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Next stop, we went to have lunch in this restaurant that I found it through foursquare. The food served are fresh and price is quite reasonable except the crab. I would recommend if you were to order their seafood, ask the price in advance. We ordered the oat soft shelf crab, it was really delicious but when the bill came we got a shock on the price of that dish. Other than that, the price is quite reasonable. 

旺记海鲜 (Restoran Makanan Laut Wang Kee)
Lot 581, Lorong 23
Sg. Jarom, Kuala Langat,
Selangor 03-3191 1654

Monday, August 01, 2016

2016 Top 3 Best Hotels in Kuala Terengganu

Kuala Terengganu might be considered as one of the most affordable destinations in Malaysia. There's a lot of reason to visit this city, either to embrace the picturesque nature scenery of the South China Sea and the Terengganu River, enjoy the recreations in various spots, savor the Syariah trip by visiting the Islamic heritage park and themed park, or even doing the business matters.

Despite any reasons, you have to get a good rest while staying in Kuala Terengganu. For the best retreat, it is definitely offered by the best Kuala Terengganu hotel. Today, I would like to share with you the 2016 Top 3 Best Hotel in KualaTerengganu.

1.       TH Hotel & Convention Centre Terengganu
Source: TH Hotel Website
This hotel is located at Jalan Lapangan Tembak, Gong Badak 21, TH Hotel is claimed as the 4-star Kuala Terengganu hotel focused on Syariah value. This hotel lies in the widespread land of the size more than 7 acres, engaging the tranquil environment aside from the crowded city. Even though, the hotel still within close proximity to the airport and Telok Ketapang Beach.

Source: TH Hotel Website
Source: website
Notable as the #1 hotel in Kuala Terengganu by TripAdvisor, this is the affordable hotel for any matters. There are 182 classy decorated guestrooms with modern amenities. The entire rooms are designed with luxury sense shown by the golden color scheme. En-suite plush amenities are provided such as AC, sofa bed, flat TV, working station, electric kettle, mini fridge, full body sized mirror, also a modern bathroom with toiletries and hairdryer.

Source: TH Hotel website

Source: TH Hotel Website
The swimming pools are available both indoor and outdoor, where the outdoor pools also complemented by wading pool with a playground that is very attractive for children. Other facilities presented by this exquisite hotel are a restaurant, lounge, shuttle service, and also business and convention center.

2.       Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Terengganu
Source: Grand Continental KT Website
This hotel settled at Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin, Daerah 8 - City Center, the 4-star hotel is very strategic with the quick access to surrounding areas. Sultan Mahmud Airport is within 25 minutes driving away from this hotel. The China Town, Pasar Pasang, and Redang Island Jetty are located even closer, only 10 – 15 minutes drive away from the hotel.

Source: Grand Continental KT Website
There are nearly 200 guestrooms and suites; the Grand Continental Kuala Terengganu embraces luxury touch with specific contemporary decoration, alongside with the top-notch amenities. The standard amenities you’ll find in each room are AC, flat screen TV, sofa, working station, electric kettle, mini fridge, ironing facilities, and bathroom with bathtub, toiletries, and hair dryer.

Source: Grand Continental KT Website

Source: Grand Continental KT Website
As the 4-star Kuala Terengganu hotel, the Grand Continental Kuala Lumpur owns both leisure and business facilities to cater the traveler needs. Some highlights in the hotel comprise coffee house and restaurant, gym, boutique and shops, BBQ facilities, tour desk, various meeting rooms, business center, premium business lounge, and car rental.

3. Duyong Marina Resort

Source: Duyong Marina Resort website

Duyong Marina Resort is the 5-star Kuala Terengganu hotel that offers a great retreat on the Putri Duyong Terengganu. The hotel nestled in a very serene place, complemented with sailing facilities for those dreaming of a getaway to the ocean. Even though it is closer to nature, this hotel is still considered strategic to reach vital areas, such as the airport, located only 7 minutes drive away from the property.

Source: Duyong Marina Resort website

Source: Duyong Marina Resort website

There are nearly 100 guestrooms and suites that settled in beautiful decoration as a chalet exuding the traditional majestic sense. Each guestroom and suite are complemented with ultra-modern amenities, including the entertainment system with plasma TV, and DVD Player. The bathroom already has a soaking tub. Each room also has the private veranda or balcony facing either the garden or the sea. 

Source: Duyong Marina Resort website

Source: Duyong Marina Resort website

Duyong Marina Resort presents a comprehensive retreat to ensure every guest can savor the best time while in Kuala Terengganu. The restaurant is available, with the open-air dining venue overlooking the stunning South China Sea. The other facilities on this 5-star hotel in Kuala Terengganu are the outdoor swimming pool, lounge, fitness and spa, children’s playground, business and exhibition center, as well as outdoor activity services. The Oasis Lounge and the swimming pool might be your favorite place to relax while staying with Duyong Marina Resort.

Source: Duyong Marina Resort website

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hurom Slow Juicer Review

Today, I am going to introduce you my lovely Hurom slow juicer that I bought from two months ago. Hurom slow juice is already available in Malaysia, so far I found it in Aeon Jusco, and it is selling around RM 2.4k-2.8k. The price is totally out of my budget so I decided to look through and bought it around 30% of the selling price here. The downside about buying electronic items through Taobao is that the plug is China's three pin design which is different from Malaysia. You need to prepare a travel adapter to use it.

The packaging I received was in real good condition. It was packed using a box in box method, I am really satisfied with it. I bought the HU-1100WN model in red colour. There are two colours to choose from, one is red and the other is gold.
2nd box

Original box
The Hurom juicer come with two types of strainers- Fine and Coarse, I use the fine strainer most of the time for pure juice, coarse strainer is used when you want to have some pulp in the juice.

I didn't know what is it until I saw the description in the manual. It is a tofu making container. Wow, this is really impressive. You can actually make tofu using the slow juicer and this container. 
Tofu making container
It actually comes with a recipe book with 68 recipes inside. Unfortunately, it only come in Chinese version. This is the downside when buying from Taobao because they cater mostly for the Chinese market and everything is written in Chinese. The recipe book contains photos with the instructions, even if you don't know how to read, the photos actually explain it all.

Here is my Hurom slow juicer with two containers. One is the pulp container and one is the juice container. One more thing that I need to mention here, this juicer do come with a safety feature. If you do not install it properly, the juice won't work. I mean it really won't start as if it is malfunctioning. I thought it was damaged when I first use it, but after a few adjustments here and there, I manage to master it. 

I love how Hurom squeeze the juice out and leave the dry pulp on the other side. It seriously dried the pulp when it blends.

I used to use the Cosway Slow Juicer, but Hurom actually yielded more juice and has a thicker texture. I really like it!

The best part is Easy Cleaning! There is a reverse button that you can use for cleaning which makes it more easier to wash the juicer and without leaving all the pulp stuck in the sink. It also come with a drying stand where you can hang all the parts on the stand to dry easily.

I personally do not like eating cut fruits but I love juices very much. This is why I need to get this baby quickly into my home so that I can have juices everyday. Normally I make a few bottles of juice and store in the refrigerator. From my observation and experience, the maximum days to store fresh juices in refrigerator is 3 days before it turns colour. I would recommend to store your juices a maximum of 3 days but you can try to store longer and try out the taste later.

This is my experience and review on my recent buy on Hurom Slow Juice. I hope you like this post and it gives you info when comes to buying a juicer,


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