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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pavillion, UNIQLO, Mirrorcle

I went to Pavillion to took some photos because it is Christmas time where Christmas decorations are all over the place. It is the best time to have photos!

Finally, I have the chance to visit this leading fashion boutique from Japan-UNIQLO that is 1st store in Malaysia at Fahrenheit 88 for the 1st time. The first day opening in Novemeber 4, everyone was crazy about this shop and line up for hours outside just to have a look at it. Luckily, I was at Penang facing my final exam, if not I maybe one of them. :) shopaholic..

Unfortunately, I didn't get anything at the shop. I don't see any cartoon t-shirts but lots of winter wear and legging. I saw a lot of nice legging but my legs are big and ugly to put on any legging..sad..:( Anyway, our Malaysia's weather is hard for me to put on any fleece too..Empty handed out from the shop...



Here is another shop that I feel that I must write about especially for those who are not fancy about branded clothes. This boutique name Mirrorcle where located at Fahrenheit88 too (just above UNIQLO). The most attracted me was the price which range about RM10-RM60. It is not like any Sg. Wang nor Time Square cheap clothes shops (all RM10 or all RM 25), no! it is definitely not! I don't gain any benefit for promoting it.

I got information that all this clothes are from Taiwan where you can really feel the quality is so much different from the Chine one. I can said average quality for that price like this is so so so worth it. You can notice that some of the clothes designs are the same as other normal range boutique which sold it for RM80 and above where you can get it here for only RM30. Like I said again, I don't gain anything from promoting it but just to share to everyone about this shop where you all know nowdays to find a nice and a bit good quality piece of blouse or dress, 1 purple note is never enough. But this shop can save us a bit more on spending.

One more thing to let you all know is all clothes do not come with label tags. That is why I said no brand clothes! I was so busy choosing and trying the clothes where I have forgotten to take a photo of it, so I get some of it from the net.

 3 dresses, 2 blouses (price range RM18.90-RM33.90)



I'm sure going back for more...


Blogger said...

where is Fahrenheit 88 located?

Su Fen said...

It is at Jln. Bukit Bintang, opposite Pavillion.

Blogger said...


Smile Jamie said...

Ya~~ the clothes are nice~~ I also juz brought some from there today~~haha...the design is not bad but the price are very low~~ most of them are below RM50~

Anonymous said...

Mirrorcle definitely is my favorite shop!

nice clothes with low price!

i didn't shop at time square anymore since I have found Mirrorcle.


Maple Shuh Hong said...

haha, i blog about it too, see my blog here

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