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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Create Your Wall with Patterned Paint Roller

Something caught my attention when I was going through some photos in Facebook. It was this- Patterned Paint Roller. A rubber roller that come with floral stamp which you could easily paint a classic look for your wall as wallpaper or even on fabric. This is a brillant tool for my new house!
I found these patterned paint roller from The Painted House. The founder- Clare Bosanquet found these paint roller in Romania.

"When I stumbled across these paint rollers in a market in Romania I was so excited I bought the lot and spent the next two months of the hiking trip regretting my cumbersome purchase. They have been used there for the last 100 years or so as an alternative to wallpaper. As an ardent upcycler I have been using them ever since to bring unloved fabrics and wonky old walls back to life. I have adapted the traditional roller system for use in fabric printing particularly; there is also a more simple foam roller for paper and walls." 
- Clare Bosanquet-
With patterned paint roller, you don't have to worry about the edges of the wallpaper.You just need to roll down the fist line carefully to the edge of the wall as close as possible then continue with the second line until the whole wall is complete. You could even reuse the paint roller to paint on the fabric to create another different look for your room. Isn't it interesting? I feel like DIY my own room using these paint roller now.


You can visit here to purchase the paint rollers and applicators. There are 9 designs of paint rollers and 2 types of applicators- for fabric and for wall &paper. 

Get your tools and let's roll!

Here is the video for you reference on how to paint the wall with these roller.

**You can also find Sunlite Mitre 10 from Australia that sell other rollers and colour matching service for your house!

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