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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I spotted this place last week when I came for Jusco Sale. This time I won't miss it I tell myself. My brother have been promoting this shop since last few months but that was in Pavillion (a bit far from my house). Now it is in Penang, Queensbay Mall. So excited when arriving the shop, the feeling is like a small kid receiving her 1st barbie doll. Okay, maybe I'm too overreacted after hearing too much good comment on this shop. I just cant wait to try it on.

I have order a Red Bean Milk Tea which is one of the popular drink in the shop. I order regular that costs me RM5.90, large will be RM6.90. No govt tax or service charge! I can tell you I love the milk tea very much, it is very thick with small red bean and pearl inside. It has a lot of red bean and pearl, you do not need to add extra anymore, every sip will eat bite on the pearl and red bean. That's nice! You can even ask for less ice or no ice and even no sugar or less sugar just like the milk tea I have try in Taiwan. I didn't really fussy about that so the waitress make me the 100% normal-sugar,ice.

I will come back for more soon. Just found out that grass jelly with fresh milk has been best-seller for consecutive 3 weeks. I must try this!

I saw this dustbin on the counter..very cute with a ribbon on it.

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