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Monday, January 31, 2011

台弯风味小食 Taiwan Food

This is my second time to visit this place after introduced by a friends. This stall is located at a corner kopitiam but I didn't take note of the name.:( Anyway, it is located at Sg Nibong, again under the bridge to Queensbay.   So, let us see some of the photos I took.

Pork leg with yam rice-RM6.00 (like this very much)

pork with rice-RM6.00 (not sure what is the name but it taste nice too)

popcorn chicken-RM4.00 ( taste very nice better than uncle bob)

I like the food in this stall, suit my taste. I also try the minced pork rice before (my friend said very nice) but I still think it has much too improve. The taste is not enough, after few spoon, the taste became flat. I recommend everyone to try it. It really worth!

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