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Friday, February 25, 2011

Chin Yuen Seafood 金园海鲜 (Recent updated in June 2012)

My family love to come to this place for dinner. A good place must always share with others, so today I will share some good dishes. This place is located at Relau which is before the traffic light to Relau in a coffee shop named Ming An (明安茶餐室). I used to visit this place every week when cousin sister still work in Penang. I love this place is because not of the environment but the food that served in hot hot.

Below are some photos I took when having dinner with my friends who are 1st time visiting this place. We order some of the famous dishes. I wanted to order the herbal chicken but it only available on weekend. There are some special dishes that must try but mostly depends on the days, have to ask the boss. If you are 1st time, don't worry just ask the man who take order to recommend, mostly what he recommended are GOOD. I always do that when I cant figure out what to eat. :D

 Pork meat in thai style

 Tipan Taufu (铁板豆腐) must try!

 Four Season (四大天王) must try!

I can really explain how good is the food there but one thing I can said try for yourself and tell me. I got good comments from my friends and family. Anyway, the parking space there are limited, it is advisable to go there early like 6pm. Normally weekend will be full and packed.

***Recent updated in June 2012: The shop has changed to opposite Kopitiam and still at the same place. I will update another new post soon.

In case anyone don't know the location, here is a map I got from a blog:

Chin Yuen Seafood
827, Jalan Relau, 
11900 Bayan Lepas
(Ah Qiang)


Melanie said...

they're no longer there.they've moved to somewhere. we love to go there for our dinner and the food is awesome and the price is reasonable

Enqvist said...

do you know where is the new location?

Taste…iest Blog

Su Fen said...

They moved to the opposite coffee shop. Just in front of the Satay Stall, still same area.

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