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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pilihan Raya Kampus USM 2011

Another year come for us, USMsian to vote the suitable candidates to become the MPP (Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar). As usual, campaigns are going on in the whole school, poster and banner are everywhere. Every morning, afternoon and night too for this few days going on and off, I heard lots of voice speaking of the best candidates to choose for. At least, they are not campaigning in the midnight, or else I will have to packed my thing back home to sleep. USM won't be that worst at least, everything still under control. 

This year, I can see that most candidates are using the most famous and well-known FB to reach everyone out there. Pages are created to pull votes for them, even videos are there too. This is what we should always do, trend with the technology.

Tan Boon Chuan, one of the UMUM candidates. Why I post his photo here? He is not my friends nor anyone I know. But I found a video about him talking about how USM students be so violent that burn his banner recently. That is bad. How can we USMsian become so violent and immature like those UM students. We are APEX students, quality students that should not be that way. What a shame!

It seem like more competitive this year for all the candidates compare to last year. This year also, all of them are more hardworking in printing banner and promote themselves compare to last year. Anyway, I'll try to find the video back and upload it here. Good luck to all the candidates! I vote you all tomorrow.

This is the candidates from Math School. As a Math school student and senior of his, I have to vote him. Just post his photo here to promote him. Math School students please go and vote either him or anyone u like. At least we done our job as USM studenst to choose for our own leader.

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