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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Maths Night 2011

There came again our school night-Maths Night 2011 which held in Cititel this year. This year theme-Dream Without Boundaries and we were asked to dress up in professional like Doctor, Nurse and etc but many ignored the theme included me it is a bit ridiculous to wear those to our night. For me, Maths Night is the only place we can dress pretty and do some make over for ourselves. Everyone dress very well that night,  some I even cant recognised too.  

At 1st, I did not plan to join although it is my last year. I have been Maths Night for two year to help out. But all thanks to Maths School who sponsor us third year who are in dean list. I'm so fortune to be one of them. So, as usual everyone when to find salon to set hair and make up but not for me this year. I hate to spend too much time in the salon and sometimes you get some junior staff that just ruined your hair. I experienced it most of the time. Maybe I too picky. So for this type of person like me, I decided to do it myself. Whoa..probably people wont believe but yes, I did it successfully (not boasting myself).

This year the ballroom a bit small, not as crowded as last year. We can see among 18 people from M&E only 9 of us attended and 8 of us came for free. That is the problem for this year. Most of us came because of free of charge. If you ask me will you attend if you need to pay. I'll sure reply no. Why? I don't see commitment from the committees to encourage us third year to attend. Maths Night is originally organised for all third year students but seem like they have forgotten the purpose. Most attendances are from 1st year and 2nd year students.   MCs are bad this year, I can said they do not have enough practice because throughout the whole event, they kept on pause and speak wrongly. Their sketch not bad but not very good too as words are not clear and the whole storyline is blur. Many of us don't understand what are they doing up there. Even, the VVIP asked us what are they doing now.. That is bad..

Group photos will not missed for this kind of event. We never missed a single time to take photos with everyone. It seem like this is the last time I can have such photos with everyone. Three years I have been there, every year i get different feel and expression. This year we are the seniors, i do not have the chance to find seniors to take photo like last year. I don't feel very high this year, I see my group of people like a bit serious, is it thinking of assignment?

So after Maths Night, of course we won't let ourselves to go back so early. Wahaha..naughty.. We are in Upper Penang Road, what should we do? Of course, clubbing man! So, we drove there although it is so so near from Cititel. We have to pay RM10 for parking. That is expensive! Cititel only charge us RM4 per entry. Nevermind, how many times can we come here? One and only last? It is Friday night, surely we can see all the place are crowded with people. They decided to go ONECLUB because they provide seat compare to others. Girls are wearing high heels and we have been standing whole night, can not let our legs to suffer again. Whole place was packed by us only. Can you imagine only us inside and it is Friday night. Weird?

I still haven manage to find out reasons why people not coming into this place but opposite. Maybe no pretty girls? saw only two girls serve us..or Maybe music not nice? Okay, the music not fluent, kept on hang..Drinks too expensive? Cannot be, the price is about the same everywhere. Anyone know? As usual, photo taking again.

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