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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Popular Clearance Sale at One-Stop Midland

This sale started since 24th March 2011 but I did  not take any notice until Tuesday when my room mate showed me the books that she bought in this sale. She bought most of the books were discounted 90%. Whoa..that is really cheap..Actually I went yesterday but unfortunately the popular was not open for business as no electricity. So I went again today. 

There were lots of books, discount start from 20%-90%, some even sold for RM1. You need to spend some time on digging the books as it had mix up. They only arrange it into English books one side and Chinese books another side. Then divided into different range of discounts like 70%-90% a side and 50% another side. I spend around 2 and half hour there, really take time to find the books you want. Here are the books I bought:

Total books : 9
Total I have spent : RM67.86

Where else can you find such a good bargain for books lover. The sales will end on 3rd April 2011, there is 3 days left for you to come and enjoy the sales. Anyway, for those who do not have popular card, don't worry, just apply on the spot and you will receive some goodies too. Too bad my card is still a long way before expired, cant show you all the goodies.

In case anyone do not know where is One-Stop Midland, here is the map:
Popular Midland Park Centre,
Lot 05-06,05-07 5th Floor,
Midlands Park Centre 488-B,
Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang.

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