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Sunday, July 24, 2011

MY FM台庆之万众13盛世天下

Money can't buy ticket and my brother manage to get it.
What so special about it?
So many people had been crazy to get the tickets.
Last year it was held in Genting.
But this year it is held in Bukit Jalil, National Stadium. 
I arrived there around 6.30pm but it was crowded.
Everyone was in queues and the queue was of course long.
We queued together with the others.
After 30 minutes. we realised we had queued in the wrong gate,
Instead the gate that we are going in are priority and do not need to queue.
Damn..wasting 30 minutes under the rain.
 The show started exactly 8pm sharp and this is a good news.
Normally, if we attend any concerts, they sure start late, 
seems like a tradition for Chinese to be late but not this time.
This year their theme is about the 10 Brothers compete to win big prize from their parent. The 10 brothers are MyFM DJ, 林德荣,Jeff,颜薇恩,菲比,Vivian,Royce,尹匯雰,Jason,Jym and Wayne. They are divided into Green group and Red group to compete and their games are “千里睇真D”、“顺风话你知”、“遁地英雄传”、“空中飞人啦!”、“铁头锤”、“喊得快好世界”、“大力向前冲”、“水球抛飞”. It was quiet boring when they are playing the game as they get high among themselves at the stage.
They also invited some local, Taiwan and Singapore singers to performs like AK、Kenji吴克羣、严爵、张芸京、Linda廖语晴、 Derrick何维健、Freya林凡、Yise罗忆诗、Amy王明丽、东于哲、《Astro新秀大赛2010》三甲张诒博、Stephanie刘佩芯、 Fyone陈慧莹,and 《Astro新秀大赛2011》冠军Geraldine颜慧萍. Also with two specially invited guests to perform are 元秋and 元华.
 Crowd was there to cheer their favourite singers. It was almost full in the Stadium.
Luckily we got the seat instead of the rock zone which you need to stand whole night.

Quickly took a photo of the banner before going back,
Who knows when I will be coming to watch again.
 Here is the freebies they gave when coming in.

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