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Friday, May 04, 2012

KLCC Isetan Senya Dining

Isetan’s I Love Food opened quite some time ago, at first glance I thought it wasn’t going to be very good like many food courts in shopping malls, but today me and my friend decided to try it out anyway. You can get there by taking the escalator near the Maxis Center down to lower ground, walk a little and it will be on your left.

Senya Dining’s concept is quite special. You can choose to buy the bento or sushi items being displayed and take away to be eaten elsewhere; they also offer to heat up your food in the microwave when you pay for it. Otherwise, you can choose to order the menu items and eat your food there. There are not a lot of seats for customers, and most of the tables are small, so it may be

Enough of the introduction…. So what do we think about the food?? 

Food wise, I think it’s great! Price is not too expensive like Umaiya at the fourth floor; it is priced more closely to Sushi Zanmai type of restaurants.

. Let’s see what type of food that we ordered…
Chicken Katsu Curry Set – RM18.80
We ordered the set menu where you can choose your donburi and it comes together with salad, miso soup, 2 pieces of sushi and edamane! My favourite! I felt like eating curry today so I ordered the Chicken Katsu Curry set. The curry tastes nice and hot, not too spicy, but it doesn’t have Potato and Carrots which I think the usual Japanese curry should have. They are not stingy on the portion either, the bowl of donburi is very HUGE and they give a lot of rice, too much for me to finish. On top of that, the two pieces of sushi are quite big and I can’t finish all of them. The salad is not to my liking as they use a wasabi sauce that tastes exactly like Japanese soya sauce + wasabi! It is not too spicy though, but I just cannot accept it as this is the first time I taste this kind of sauce.

Chicken Karaage Set – RM18.80
My friend ordered the Chicken Karaage set, and there’s only one word I can say…. Great! The fried chicken is crunchy, top of with special sauce and sesame seeds, and it tastes better than my Chicken Katsu. They also give many pieces of chicken as you can see in the picture and all of them are meat from the chicken drumstick or thigh parts.

Overall I think the food is great… in fact I’m still thinking of it when I go home! In total we spent RM39.86 inclusive of RM2.26 (6%) government tax. The Japanese green tea was free! I will definitely come back and try the other items on the menu. Stay tuned!

Review and Written by: Bear K

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