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Friday, October 12, 2012

Bandung Trip-Day 3 & 4

Day 3 in Bandung, we booked a car rent with driver from the hotel because we can't manage to find any car rent near the hotel like in Phuket which you could see all over the place. So, I would suggest you to book one-day tour at your home country before the trip. It will save you around half of the price.

1st station, we went to the Bandung Volcano named Gunung Tangkuban Parahu which need around 1 and half hour from our hotel to reach. It is on top of the mountain and it is quite cold when you arrived, I didn't thought that the place will be cold like Genting instead I have my beach attire there..haha...Entrance ticket Rp 50,000 per person and Car Rp 15,000 per car.

Volcano that is still active, you can see smoke coming out from the side there.No one is allow to walk down as it is very very hot.

These are the only trees that can grow after volcano explosion in 90's. The whole tree colour in purple with a bit of leaves on top. Like a naked tree.

There is a path way for you to visit the down hill where they call it Domas Crater. You are not allow to go down yourself because the government has make it a tourism place where you need to hired a guide to accompany you. We pay Rp300,000 for two which is very expensive and you need to walk around 1 to1 and half hour journey to reach. Plus, the price is always different depends on season. My driver told me that last month one of his customer paid Rp300,000 per hour. I guess I was lucky to come non peak season.

Here is the long path way to go down, it is like jungle trekking. If you planning to visit, I recommend you to wear good trekking shoes or sport shoes before you go in. We pay for 1 guide but instead another 2 men following us saying they were friends and come over just to help. They were acting very friendly and nice. Why do I said acting, you will see when you continue reading.

Along the side, they will push you to buy those handcrafts make from the trees. Price unknown. I didn't ask, assumed it is very expensive because before arrive the driver told us not to buy anything because the price is 10-15 times more expensive.They really cut your throat plus must be very careful those seller too. They force you to buy, you need to be firm and said NO. Here is famous for aggresive sellers and many tourists choose not to come here anymore.

Spotted a trees with big holes, it is the oldest tree in the jungle and after 2 times of volcano explosion, it is the only trees survive here. I managed to put my whole body in...hehe..

Finally arrived after 1 hour 15 mins walk.

When you walk nearer to Kawah Domas, you can smell very very strong sulfur and the smell gets stonger when you reach the place. It is a bit suffocated, if you have asthma, better forget about this place. Sulfur are not good for health but the people said nothing to do with health, still we didn't believe them because most of  them making living from here.

One of the guide's friend demostrate to us how he make the stone with smoke using a cigarette to blow. It is fascinating because of the chemical reaction it make the smoke came out.

Here is the mud they use to massage the tourist leg and hand. They said it is free but we didn't want it because both of us have sensitive skin, prevention is better than cure. Plus nothing is free from this earth! When we walking back to the exit, the two friends forcing us to buy their souvenir as a small payment to them. Whoa..I didn't ask them to follow us in the 1st place. If it is a few dollars I can pay but they want Rp300,000 for a stupid magnet souvenir which I could buy for Rp30,000 outside. I try to give them few US dollar but they refused our token. They were cursing us at the back, I gave them a angry look to show how ridiculous are them and make our way back to the car.

After that, we went to Sari Ater Hot Spring, entrance ticket cost us Rp 18,000 per person and Rp 15,000 per car. There place was very nice but at the back of the hot spring was abandoned, kinda sad. We play around there for a while soaking our leg into the hot water.

They created a few places for tourists to sit and soak, some even bath there. After soaking your leg for 30 mins, you will find that your leg as smooth as baby skin. Really like it so much! I really miss the hot spring water, if can i could bring back some.

Lunch time! This is the place recommended by the reception in our hotel. She said this is a must visit place where best food is serve. How can I miss good food! The journey took us around 1 hour to reach this place. We arrived around 2.40pm to have our lunch and it is packed. We still need to wait for about 30 minutes for our turn. Can you imagine how good is their business? This place is call Kampung Daun.

I like the environment there, it is like you are having your meal in a village which come with small cottages along the side when you walk using the path way. Each cottages are the place where you can dine in. Very cosy and not hot because it is cover by the trees which create clean air to breathe.

You could use the below to knock to call for the waiter or waitress. However, they will attend you very slow, so we prefer to call them in person.

Rattan menu, very unique.

He just can't resist not having his coke for a day after half day climbing and walking.

I cant remember the name of this Indonesian dessert but it taste terrible! It have a very strong smell of dead cockcoach. We are unable to finish it after 1 bite. So sorry we have to waste it. 

Chicken Steak-Rp 45,000
Grilled Breast Chicken meat with fries, fruit salad and BBQ sauce. I still can't believe myself ordering western food in this country where I should have trying other indonesian food. But I will never regret for ordering this because it is super duper delicious! I never taste so soft and smooth chicken breast before, all the while to me breast meat is hard and rough not nice to chew. But this one is totally opposite, it taste like the drumstick meat. They grilled it until it smell very very nice with some BBQ sauce on it. If you didn't  look at the menu, you thought you will eating beef steak! Really! I want more! I never thought I can find good western food here. I really miss it now. 

Nasi Kukus Kampung Daun- Rp 45,000
Traditional Kukus flavoured rice cooked with salted fish, bitter fruit, served with fried chicken, tofu, soya bean and lalab sambal. This taste superb especially the kukus rice! Smooth and Lemak! I love the most is the sambal, although it is quite spicy but the taste so delicious with the rice and chicken. Must try!

Overall the price was quite reasonable, we pay around RM50 for both. No wonder so many people, most them are locals. Come over Kampung Daun if you visit Bandung. You will sure regret for not visiting this place.

After lunch, we took another 1 hour journey back to our hotel. During dinner time, we went to Kartika Sari, planing to grab some brownies and layer cake before we go back tomorrow, unfortunately most of the flavours sold off. The person was very nice and ask us to come back the next morning since they are opening from 7.30am onwards. Whoa! So, we had our dinner at Kartika Sari cafe just inside the shop. 

We both  were so thirty after coming back from the volcano, maybe due to the sulfur side effects. We ordered not 1 or 2 beverages, we ordered 2 beverages, 1 dessert and free 1 coffee, total 4 liquid glass in front of us. People beside us was looking when all our food arrived, must be thinking us as the water bags...wahahaha... 
Italian Lychee-Rp 17,500

Pink Lady-Rp 18,000

Es Campur-Rp 17,000
This is actually the Ice kacang we called in Malaysia. Taste very sweet. Nothing special.

Free coffee come from the Chicken Steak Set. We didn't know until we ask the waiter as we both don't drink coffee. The design kinda messy.

Grilled Chicken Steak-Rp 39,500
I just cant have enough of chicken steak after having such good chicken steak at Kampung Daun and decided to order again here. But the taste really have vast different. This breast meat a bit rough but still soft compare to Malaysia, the grilled part wasn;t that nice. if you have notice, it is actually come in Love shape, so cute, give me a big smile that day..hahaha...

We manage to grab some snacks in one of their local supermarket before back.

Next morning before our flight, we walked over here to grab their original layer cakes, brownies kukus, and brownies tiramisu. My brother love their cakes compare to Holland. The price still reasonable and cheaper than Holland.

Waiting place in Bandung airport. Small and crowded.

Bye bye Bandung!

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