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Monday, April 08, 2013

Colmar Tropicale | Bukit Tinggi Part 2

Good morning! A night's sleep in the room wasn't exactly the most relaxing night I'd experienced. The soundproofing was quite thin and we could hear people walking about outside which wasn't too good. In case if you missed the first day's posting, you can read it here. Nevertheless, after brushing up we headed to enjoy our complimentary breakfast at the cafe.

It was already around 8.30 a.m. when we reach there, but there were still many guests and we were escorted to a separate room where there are empty tables. The attendant mentioned that the food are the same, but after I left I did notice that there are stalls for omelette and maybe some other foods that are only found on the other side. I regret listening to that attendant and I should've explored the whole place, so you make sure you do okay?

The menu are pretty much the usual mixed buffet breakfast you'd find in any hotel in Malaysia: nasi lemak, sausages, some hash browns, pancakes and fruits. I quite like the nasi lemak as the rice is really fragrant & "soft" (can't find any other words to describe it). Combined with the sambal and the curry sardine it makes a pretty decent breakfast. Nevertheless, nothing much to shout about in the buffet line up.

Danbo is eager to try on Malaysian buffet breakfast also!

After finishing breakfast we just walked around the area and took some pictures again, not much to do except the same things as yesterday. And although we're on the mountain, I do think it is mildly hot over here. No need to bring any excessive jackets over here in case you're wondering; a thin & comfortable one should be enough for girls during night time, as for guys, you should be okay.

Where's my arm?!

We proceeded to check out early in the morning as there was nothing else to do. The staff's service was adequate, but by no means on a level I'd consider to be pleasant. It just felt like they've been working for a long time and they're tired, and morale was also low.

After checking out, we drove along the roads to check out the horse riding site and the four faces buddha. Its really easy to find the spots as you just need to follow the road signs. Nevertheless, they don't really interest us so we went down the hill and stopped by the nearby Kampung Bukit Tinggi to buy some local souvenirs. Its also easy to find this place as when you are heading back to KL's direction, you'll see an entrance to your left with several sign boards. Upon taking that entrance, I'd suggest you turn right and drive along the road until you come to the market area where the prices are much cheaper compared to the stalls just beside the highway.

Kampung Bukit Tinggi is famous for their Ginger, I bought some and indeed they really are delicious, much better than the usual ginger you buy in markets. Besides that, the vegetables are also quite fresh, and a majority of the stalls pre-pack them into RM5 packets for convenience. In case you want to know what they are famous for. They are famous for ginger, purple colour banana and tauhu pok! I bought all of it and love it very much!

Besides the market, there are also many restaurants here which I read are quite good. As we were still very full from our breakfast, we decided to skip it and head straight back to KL. Maybe we'll come back and try the restaurants next time.

Overall, is Bukit Tinggi a nice place? Yes, you can relax and enjoy the green scenery all around Colmar Tropicale. But there isn't much to do here so youngsters nowadays prefer to go Genting for more entertainment. Nevertheless, if you just want a place to escape the usual city buzz and relief your stress, I can't think of any other place that is within 1 hour's drive from KL other than Bukit Tinggi. Nevertheless, will we be back? Yes, once in a while but not so soon.

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