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Monday, September 16, 2013

No. 8 Curry Fish Head | Alor Setar Food

Its been years since I visited this place, and it seems like they have upgraded their business to a bungalow house with more relaxed environment; this is the famous No. 8 Curry Fish Head that my dad used to bring us here when we were back in Penang. It is actually a mixed rice concept where all dishes have been pre-prepared and placed on the mix rice cart. Their famous dish is no other than their curry fish head, of course. 

We had to visit the place twice because all the dishes have been sold out when we arrived at around 1.30pm. Refusing to give up, we managed to eat to our heart's content on the second day. So, be early if you want to have a good meal. Best to reach at 12pm.

The drink of the day will be served upon ordering. Basically, you can't order your preferred drink.

Cold herbal tea was served that day.

Famous Curry Fish Head
It is lemak curry with a bit of sourish taste, not the spicy type of curry. Suitable for all adults and children. But if you are person who like super spicy curry, then you won't find this curry to be delicious. It really depends on personal preference.

We ordered other dishes too like rendang chicken, sotong, fried chicken and some vegetables. The rendang chicken was good, another must try dish. We ordered most of their dishes on the cart except the tauhu (tofu) was sold out after we ordered, it was only 12.30pm at that time. I guess their tauhu is another favourite dish of for all customers. Total damage RM 225 for 13 people.

Try it out when you pay a visit to Alor Setar!

No. 8 Curry Fish Head
8A, Jalan Lumpur,
Off Jalan Putra,
05100 Alor Setar, Kedah
Tel. no.: 017-4335800

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