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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Dusun | Seremban

For the first time, both of us went for a trip that is away from buildings and cars, away from shopping malls and somewhere near to nature. Both of us aren't so adventurous, but we decided to make a change this time. We found this beautiful place that is 800 feet above sea level in the foothills of the Titiwangsa Main Range, next to Berembun Forest Reserve, 4,000 acres of protected virgin forest rising to 3,900 feet.

Where are we going this time? 
The Dusun at Seremban 

The road to Dusun is just a one lane road with two way access. So be careful when driving as you may encounter another car/lorry coming through.

There are 5 types of houses to choose from. If you are staying in Tembusu, Berembun, Emas and Sora, you will park on an empty space provided on another road. While for Perling houses, you will have your own private parking space in front of the house. We booked the Perling Air which is near to the infinity pool.

The gate to Perling houses. Approximately 20-degree slope towards the parking space. If you have a modified car with body kits, you might have a problem going up.

Perling Air House
This is our house for 3 days 2 nights stay, it costs RM 500 for each night.

BBQ and sitting area at the balcony. At night, you can have BBQ dinner here. They will help you to set up the fire around 6pm. You can either bring your own food or order from them in advance. We actually brought our own food to cook.

Mini kitchen outside the room

The mini kitchen is equipped with sufficient cooking utensils, a small fridge, spice rack, cooking oil, salt, brown and sugars. The fridge provided in Perling house is quite small, it is advisable to bring your own ice box if you have more food to store.

Water dispenser

The open air bathroom, you can enjoy the nature when bathing.


There are two electronic mosquito repellents provided in the room, the staff advised us to switch them on around 5pm. During our stay, we don't encounter much of a problem on mosquitoes but more towards lizards and other insects. It is best to use the mosquito net at night to avoid bugs.

The infinity pool beside Perling House
Berembun House
We need to pass by here to the breakfast area every morning. Berembun is a Malay style house that is attached to the infinity pool. I chose Perling house instead of Berembun because it has more privacy.

Dining Patio where we have breakfast everyday. You can also request to have the breakfast to be sent to your house.

Cooking our first day's dinner in Perling house

Breakfast on the second day in our house
We ordered their Minangkabau Set-RM 80 for our lunch. It is very delicious, cooked by the locals.

At night, we cooked our own dinner accompanied with some BBQ food as well.

Third day's breakfast

We were served with the local delight-Nasi lemak with rendang chicken. The nasi lemak tastes quite delicious especially with the rendang. Thumbs up!

During our first day, we had three visitors to our house. 
The owner's dog- Panzy

The owner's cat- Whiskers
The other cat was more adventurous and constantly wandered around. =)

It is a nice rainforest resort to relax and get away from the town for a short weekend. If you are a nature lover, it is definitely a place worth visiting. If however you are scared of insects, this might not be the place for you, as you won't be able to get away from them especially after 6.30pm. There are a few activities like jungle trekking, bird watching, massage, and a half day trip to the Ostrich Farm offered by The Dusun. You can book with them when you make reservations. 

The Dusun
3437, Kampung Kolam Air,
Mukim Pantai, 71770 Seremban.
Tel No: 012-616 2585

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Choi Yen said...

Although no cheap but it's one of a kind staying experience :)

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