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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Peanuts Royale Popcorn @ TGV Cinemas

TGV Cinemas recently introduce a new flavour for Royale Popcorn which is the peanuts flavour. As usual going for our Friday movie night, we usually get our popcorn & soda ready before the show. The Peanuts thing caught our attention, we were so curious of this new flavour. I tried royale popcorn but it is too sweet for us and I thought this will be the same too. While struggling to decide, the TGV staff  suddenly brought us some to test, he's so nice and friendly!

The sweetness of the popcorn is just right for us, a mild sense of peanuts flavours, not too strong. If the popcorn is too sweet, normally we will get bored of the taste half way through the movie, but this drive us through all the way to finish. Definitely get myself another one next week! 

This peanuts royale popcorn is sold the same as royale popcorn combo price. The combo come with two small drink which cost RM 16.50. If you are a Maybank Credir Card holder, you are entitled for a 10% for all TGV food & beverage.
Peanuts Royale Popcorn is available for limited time only. Grab and try it for yourself!

You can check out my post on the Royale Popcorn that posted sometime in Aug last year. 

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