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Monday, May 25, 2015

Panchos Mexican Taqueria | Midvalley

Have you heard of the famous Chipotle Mexican Grill in US? If you have, you definitely will be like my man crazy on it. He missed Chipotle so much since he left US few years ago and always looking for the similar taste of Mexican food he can in Malaysia. The nearest that we can find is from Chilli, which still not satisfy his taste bud.

So recently, we came across this shop named Panchos which serves the Mexican food like Burrito, Burito bowl, Tacos and Quesadillas, everything that is so similar to Chipotle. He was crazy to try out while I'm a bit sceptical on the other side (thinking what if it disappointed him). In the end, we give it a try.

The place is located near the end corner of Black Bull, near to GSC area. It is a small restaurants with simple minimalize design for their layout.

There are 6 main items in their menu which are the Burritos, Burrito bowl, Soft & Hard Tacos, Nachos and Quesadillas. Each meal can be top up to combo value meal with just an additional of RM 5.50, you can have a corn ships & any soft drink.

Here is the steps to order your meal. First step is to start with the choice of meal you want, then you will need to choose a type of meat to go with. Lastly, get the Panchos hot sauce or pickled Jalapenos to spice up your meal.

Since we planning to have a light snack before our dinner, we ordered only one to try out the taste. We decided to order the Burrito bowl instead of the Burrito, because he think that a good Burrito must have the right ingredients and taste before it is wrap with Tortilla. Next important ingredient is the Guacamole and unfortunately, you have to pay extra for Guacamole. I guess a lot of Malaysian still not use to Guacamole (a dish of mashed avocado mixed with chopped onion, tomatoes, chilli peppers, and some seasoning). 
Burrito bowl- RM 16.9; Guacemole (large)- RM 4.2; set meal -RM 5.50
Total: RM 26.60
How does it taste? We both like the taste of the Burrito bowl (it may taste weird to those who are new to Mexican food), overall it taste quite similar to Chipotle Burrito however the rice that they used wasn't the long grain rice and it doesn't has the cilantro-lime taste too. I guess it is still not the Chipotle Burrito that he is looking for but taste wise, in terms of the sauce and ingredients used are quite similar. However, we are a bit disappointed with their corn chips.

I personally think the price is slightly high for a Mexican street food which also sees as healthy fast-food in Malaysia. I will definitely come back for more especially to try out their Burrito and Quesadillas. Try it out too if you like Mexican food like my man!

Panchos Mexican Taqueria
T-041B, Level 3 Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall, 
Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
03 2201 8457

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