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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rexona Freshprotect Review

I received my Rexona Freshprotect kit last week from WOOP and would like to share with you all about it. I don't often review about products but since it is something I found it quite worthwhile, I'm going to share with you the experience I have with the new Rexona Freshprotech.

Rexona's latest innovation, Freshprotect serves as a breakthrough in empowering body confidence and freshness. It contain micro-capsules that will burst and release fresh fragrance whenever you move.
In the Rexona Freshprotect kit, it came with two types- Rexona Passion Dry and Rexona Invisible Dry Men. Both comes with different shape of bottle where Rexona Passion Dry is more slimmer than the Rexona men and both are in spray version. I actually quite like the smell of Rexona Passion Dry, smell is mild with flower fragrant.

It also come with 3 discount vouchers and 2 rating card (for you to measure the performance of using Rexona Freshprotect) in the kit.

I actually quite like the bottle of Rexona Men as it comes with a control cap where you can lock or unlock the cap. This can avoid children from pressing it or playing with the spray. Unfortunately, Rexona women do not come with this function.

Here is a video on Rexona Freshprotect:

I hope you like my review on Rexona Freshprotect. Leave a comment below if you like the new Rexona Freshprotect too! I would love to hear from you all.

I would like introduce you about WOOP, it is a community that connect women of opinion with interesting products and brands. You will have the chance to try new and interesting products, learn new facts and tips about getting the most out of these products and at the same time complete missions and collect points to make redemptions on some products.

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