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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hungry Mario Supper Club | Bandar Menjalara

Today, I am going to review on an underground supper club that I was recently invited to. Thank you Hungry Mario for the invitation and i'm so glad to have the chance to be indulged with delicious gourmet food. Hungry Mario is located inside the house of Hon Sing and Magarita, which requires a reservation in advance.

Here is the Chef behind the scene, preparing our food.

There are two Menus to choose from:
1. Signature Menu:
  • Appetiser : Umami chicken wings trio - sweet peach purée, chilli chutney, and roasted tomato
  • Main : Sakura pork loin with infused coffee butter & roasted seasonal vegetables
  • Dessert : Deconstructed Tiramisu + Coffee or tea

2. Seasonal Menu:
  • Appetiser : Mersing lobster with garlic aioli & crispy mash potato
  • Main : Sabah soft shell crab risotto
  • Dessert : Deconstructed Tiramisu + Coffee or tea
If you're unsure which menu to choose from, the Signature menu is basically for those who like meat and strong flavours, while the Seasonal menu is for those who prefer seafood and more subtle flavours.

First, let's look at the Signature Menu:
Umami Chicken Wings Trio
The appetiser is boxing chicken with three dressing sauces, each with their own unique taste. They are the tomato sauce (sourish), pumpkin sauce (sweet) and radish chilli sauce (slightly hot). All sauces are freshly made by Chef Hon Sing. It's actually quite fun to eat this dish not only because of the different flavours, but also because you can casually use your hands to pick up the wings and munch away the meat in one go. I know some people may think that eating with my hands in a fine dining setting isn't quite appropriate, but well, its fun! So why not?

Sakura Pork Loin with Infused Coffee Butter & Roasted Seasonal Veg
We absolutely love this dish. Don't let the plain look fool you, the pork loin sure does pack a punch of multiple different flavours, and the salt + coffee + meat actually does work wonders together. It's also cooked at the perfect temperature to be juicy and tender, just the right balance.

Now, let's look at the Seasonal Menu:
Mersing Lobster with Garlic Aioli & Crispy Mash Potato
I admit, I don't know what an "Aioli" is until I met this dish.It's actually the sauce decorated as a ring as you see in the picture. I highly recommend this to those who love seafood; juicy, crunchy, and tangy is what I'd describe this dish. The sauce definitely compliments the lobster and brings out the freshness, to the extent that my husband was constantly struggling to resist the urge to lick the plate clean... =.="

Sabah Soft Shell Crab Risotto
This is the only dish which I have mixed feelings about. Taste wise, it's on the mild side of what I'd prefer, and some people may actually prefer that. But I still think that the crab could be crunchier, and the risotto could be "softer" if that's the correct way of describing it. I felt that if the difference in texture between the two was more pronounced, it could have a bigger impact. Again, that's my personal taste.

Deconstructed Tiramisu
My mistake was to look at this dessert as "ice-cream with coco bread sticks". No, it isn't that. It is as the name describes, a deconstructed Tiramisu which you can choose to taste each unique flavour one at a time. The bread sticks (if that's the correct way to call them) are soft, and the ice cream is absolutely great. It's the chef's special home made ice cream and we just couldn't get enough of it. All in all, this dessert is quite fun if you see it as challenging your usual perceptions. It doesn't look like Tiramisu, but it does somewhat taste like one.

Chef Hon Sing and Magarita
I think the price is quite reasonable, given the food that you get and the effort that is put into making them. I applaud the chef and his wife for their great work, it's definitely worth to come back many times. 

Dining at Hungry Mario is by reservation only. You may email to for reservation.
Price: RM68.00 per person - You may choose our 3 course Signature Menu or Seasonal Menu. 
Corkage: RM20 for each bottle of wine, RM50 for each bottle of liquor.
Business hours: Saturday - Sunday 
Lunch 12:00pm - 3:00pm 
Dinner 7:00pm - 10:00pm

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