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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hurom Slow Juicer Review

Today, I am going to introduce you my lovely Hurom slow juicer that I bought from two months ago. Hurom slow juice is already available in Malaysia, so far I found it in Aeon Jusco, and it is selling around RM 2.4k-2.8k. The price is totally out of my budget so I decided to look through and bought it around 30% of the selling price here. The downside about buying electronic items through Taobao is that the plug is China's three pin design which is different from Malaysia. You need to prepare a travel adapter to use it.

The packaging I received was in real good condition. It was packed using a box in box method, I am really satisfied with it. I bought the HU-1100WN model in red colour. There are two colours to choose from, one is red and the other is gold.
2nd box

Original box
The Hurom juicer come with two types of strainers- Fine and Coarse, I use the fine strainer most of the time for pure juice, coarse strainer is used when you want to have some pulp in the juice.

I didn't know what is it until I saw the description in the manual. It is a tofu making container. Wow, this is really impressive. You can actually make tofu using the slow juicer and this container. 
Tofu making container
It actually comes with a recipe book with 68 recipes inside. Unfortunately, it only come in Chinese version. This is the downside when buying from Taobao because they cater mostly for the Chinese market and everything is written in Chinese. The recipe book contains photos with the instructions, even if you don't know how to read, the photos actually explain it all.

Here is my Hurom slow juicer with two containers. One is the pulp container and one is the juice container. One more thing that I need to mention here, this juicer do come with a safety feature. If you do not install it properly, the juice won't work. I mean it really won't start as if it is malfunctioning. I thought it was damaged when I first use it, but after a few adjustments here and there, I manage to master it. 

I love how Hurom squeeze the juice out and leave the dry pulp on the other side. It seriously dried the pulp when it blends.

I used to use the Cosway Slow Juicer, but Hurom actually yielded more juice and has a thicker texture. I really like it!

The best part is Easy Cleaning! There is a reverse button that you can use for cleaning which makes it more easier to wash the juicer and without leaving all the pulp stuck in the sink. It also come with a drying stand where you can hang all the parts on the stand to dry easily.

I personally do not like eating cut fruits but I love juices very much. This is why I need to get this baby quickly into my home so that I can have juices everyday. Normally I make a few bottles of juice and store in the refrigerator. From my observation and experience, the maximum days to store fresh juices in refrigerator is 3 days before it turns colour. I would recommend to store your juices a maximum of 3 days but you can try to store longer and try out the taste later.

This is my experience and review on my recent buy on Hurom Slow Juice. I hope you like this post and it gives you info when comes to buying a juicer,


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