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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

To drive or to use Taxi/Grab/Uber to KLIA2, which is cheaper?

I always have this dilemma when planning for transportation to airport. I used to travel to KL Sentral and took either KL express train or AirAsia skybus to the airport for convenience sake. But ever since KL express train's fare has increased, I prefer to take taxi directly to the airport. 

During my recent trip to Redang, it was an early flight around 7am, it means I need to reach airport around 5.30am. Getting a taxi in the early morning means there will be a midnight surcharge which can almost double of the fare. After researching, I finally decided to drive to airport with my own car and park for overnight for 2 nights. Why? Let me tell you now!

I called up three different taxi drivers, all gave me a quote around RM 110-120++ depending on meter plus midnight surcharge for one way. This means I will need to pay around RM 190-RM 210 for round trip on transport alone to and back from airport. 

If I were to use Grab, it is now RM 65 nett but I cant pre-book in advance except I put a note to state I am booking in advance, it also depends on whether the driver accept it or not. Even if he/she accepted the job, there is still a possibility that they might not show up. I didn't want to take this risk as I absolutely cannot miss the time in the morning. Same goes to Uber and well, it cost higher than Grab.

So, after checking with the parking rate in KLIA2, I found that it is cheaper for me to park in KLIA2 than taking the taxi considering the total cost and time.

Here is their new rate since 2015. KLIA2 has revised their rate to make it more reasonable.The longer you park, a flat rate of RM 20 will be charged on the 4th day onward.

Total I have paid for 3 days parking is RM 126 (calculated by hours), equivalent to a one-way trip taxi fare from my house to airport.

In conclusion, if you are travelling in two like us for a short trip around 3-4 days, I would recommend to drive to airport and park there overnight. We spent a total of around RM 146 (inclusive toll) for transportation to airport. 

In addition, if you are driving a Hybrid car, there are designated parking areas just beside the entrance which are labelled for Hybrid cars only. It is so convenient and easy!


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