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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nature's Recipe Cafe | Old Klang Road

I'm sure go to this shop whenever I come back to KL. I love to have vegetarian food and this shop provide a wide range of vegetarian food from Chinese to Western style. This place is called Nature's Recipe Cafe located near state there. I'll introduce some nice dishes that I like below.

Fruit tea-RM9.80
Fruit tea is one of the famous tea in the shop but unfortunately we try today, the taste is out. Then we talk to the boss only to find out that the original fruit tea supplier is no longer selling anymore. So they have change another supplier for it. This means that no more famous fruit tea!

 Rainbow Noodle Soup-RM6.80
 Rainbow Noodle Soup

Vege Bean Curd Curry with rice -RM7.80
 I like the curry, the taste very nice and thick.

Vege Ham Burger-RM5.00
I like the burger too, not bad, almost taste like real burger.

Bak Kut Teh Soup Rice-RM7.80
 I like the soup taste really like real Bak Kuh Teh. Nice!

Vege Prawn Noodle Soup-RM6.50

Some other dishes like Spagetti and the Green Curry kuey teoh are the must try food. Really good!. I didn't order today as I like to try out  other food.

Nature's Recipe Cafe
No.12, Jalan 8/1E,
46050, Petaling Jaya.
Tel no: 03-79576386

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