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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A trip to Port Dickson

I received a sudden invitation to go for 2 days 1 night stay in Port Dickson. What a great idea for me since I'm on my semester holiday. When was my last trip to PD? since 2005..whoa..that's like 5 year ago. We stay in CORUS Paradise resort-the old side, not as I expected. The place was not in good condition plus the facilities provided are in bad condition too.

We stay in one of these apartment (3 rooms). Most of these apartment are occupied by Malays, when I passed by the corridor I can smell their cooking..hehe..

 This is the new side which I think maybe better. 

Location of this resort is good. Our apartment is facing the sea where we can see sunset from the balcony. Beach is just 1 minute walk from the apartment. There is a beach volleyball court and futsal court on the seaside. There is also a service for beach activities like banana boat which cost RM15 per person.

Beach in PD was not that nice compare to other beaches like Pulau Langkawi, Redang, etc. Rubbish are floating all over the place. It is quite dangerous to leave kids playing on the beach, they tend knock with some of the rubbish on the sea. Nelson even accidentally pick up a baby pamper while swimming near the beach. Such an irresponsible people throwing rubbish that pollute our beautiful beach.

   A drawing before we end our day in Port Dickson.

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