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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mamu Burger(USM)

Today, my friend introduce me a burger stall at Tekun there since we are having our rehearsal there. So, I have been hearing this stall very long time from friends but never try before because I cant find where it was. I thought it is one of the stall in the Tekun cafe but instead it is a van in front of girl's hostel. So what so special about this burger? My friend said only the burger special and oblong special are nice. So I order a burger ayam special that cost RM3.50. So how special it is? The burger was a bit bigger than normal one, but I still think the taste normal only. The mayonnaise taste a bit weird, not very nice..too much chilli sauce and pepper. I still like the burger stall near my house there. What special about the burger is the vegetables. I try to review it to you all next time. 

1 comment:

Lepixie said...

correction: it's at restu, not tekun :) and u can get a better deal having the 'baby' range, which is rm1 cheaper but taste the same. the only thing they did to reduce the price is to halve the patties.

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