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Sunday, January 16, 2011

USM Chinese Orchestra Concert

USM Sekretariat Orkestra Cina organised a Chinese Orchestra Concert at Dewan Budaya USM. As it is the last semester for me to be in USM, I decided to attend this event.  This year the theme is The Chronicle of Melody where most of the famous movie songs will be played. Symphony: You are the best in the world, The legend of the flying swordsman ,The swordsman, Happy Ever After, Beyond The Realm of Conscience, Do-Re-Mi, I'll make a man out of you (Mulan), Cowherd and Weaver Girl, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Beaming with joy and Boria Pulau Pinang.

Looking through all the songs, I was very excited and cant wait to enjoy it. But this does come out like I have expected. The most annoying part is the MC, I cant resists the pronunciation of the MC. That is really bad! He cant even speak smoothly. How can an MC have bad pronunciation? That not all. They have a short drama part and this MC started to perform and use very very girlish sound to speak. That's alright but the thing is he make himself look like a woman. He wore something on his chest to look like a woman's breast. That's insulting himself and all the women. Okay, all the audiences are laughing but this really cant continue for whole night but he DID! A very bad performance to me and so out of the it for this is an Chinese Orchestra Concert ! We are here to see the performance and listen to the music not seeing him acts monkey show.

So, for the music part, I don't know whether is the music problem or they have not enough time to prepare. Maybe no matter how good they played, to play movies song jazz band still preferable. No that they played very bad is just that they cant bring out the OHM or the feel that a movie song should have. Overall, I think I waste RM8 to see. My high school Chinese Orchestra is so much better than them I think. The most impressive concert I have in my high school. 

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