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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hong Kong Egg Noodles (Wan Tan Mee)

I went to a new place to have dinner yesterday. I'm not sure about the road name but it is located under the bridge that going to Queensbay road. There is also a shop famous for its Hakka Mee nearby. But today I'm not introduce you any Hakka Mee but Hong Kong Egg Noodles which we called Wan Tan Mee. The shop  only sell the noodles and Bak Kut Teh. The thing is the noodles is light colour rather than our normal dark colour wan tan mee even the bak kut teh is not those thick kind of soup. That's what I call special.

The noodles is very very thin compare to the normal wan tan mee. The taste was no bad. Although it is white but it is not tasteless. A bit the same like the Sarawak Kan Tau Mee except it have wan tan soup. It cost RM3.00 for a small bowl (not enough for normal eater)

The soup was just nice not too salty, wan tan taste good too. 

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