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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cooking day

Since grandma was not in today and I was too lazy to go out "ta bao", I decided to dig the kitchen to see anything can fulfill my stomach. It seem like all raw ingredients in the fridge so I just have to cook myself today. So I came out 2 dishes today, bee hoon siam and fried chickens.

I can said that I'm pass for this Bee Hoon Siam, the taste was about the same as my mom's bee hoon siam. I can said that the texture was exactly the same as mom's. Wahaha.. Score myself 9/10 for it.

For the fried chicken, I think I have messed up with the wrong flour. I just grabbed any flour I see on the tray and just simply mix it. The fried chicken was crispy but not as crispy as my grandma's fried chicken. I will failed myself for this dish. I'll score myself 6/10. 

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