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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dhoby Ghaut Cafe-Sg Nibong

Grandma was planning to have dinner outside tonight and suggested we go to the place that we missed last time since we go there too early (not yet start business). It is Dhoby Ghaut Cafe that is at Sg Nibong, behind Goh Teoh Kee which you will see something like kampung rooftop. Since it was our first time there, I order one potion from each stall that I see to try out. I found out that they have renovated their stalls, new signboard in each stalls. I took some photos but seem like a bit blur with hp camera at night. Maybe it is time for me to change a better hp camera.

When arrived to a table, you can see that every table place a number card so it is easy for customer to place order and also easy for the hawkers not to make any order wrong.

I have order a bowl of curry mee which cost me RM3.00, resonable price. Other than curry mee, you can also add other ingredients like fish balls, meat balls, fried chicken and many more. At first when the lady asked me whether to add any extra, I was very interested but after i saw all those ingredients I really shocked and answer normal please! I still prefer original curry mee because I feel like the extra ingredients not really can mix with the curry mee. According to my grandma, the curry mee is not "lemak" enough, still she prefer the one in Super Tanker-Taman Lip Sin. For me I think it is alright, same as any other curry mee. Maybe old people's tongue is still very sensitive compare to young people.

I also order a plate of fried sotong that cost RM9 (will it be expensive?) but the potion is a bit big, enough for 3 person. I must said I love this very much. The fried sotong is crispy, not only that the most important is it is not oily at all, inside the skin you won't feel any oil too. This is the best thing for people like me who scare of oily food. Thumb up for this! Anyway, the fried sotong came with thai sauce that you must eat it with if not it will be tasteless. Besides fried sotong, this seafood stalls also provide a lot dishes like spicy octopus, sweet and sour octopus, flower clams, lala and many more.

Lastly, I have order the famous Koay Teow Thn'g that written in most of the food blog. I saw there is a sticker of our Malaysian food TV show " HoChak" on the stall. It should be very famous. Since my first time in this place, I just tell the boss I want Koay Teow Thn'g without adding any extra ingredients. There is a signboard stated Teo Chew Duck meat Koay Teow Th'ng, I  thought my order was that since I didn't mention what meat I want. Then when it came I do not see any duck meat instate it have pig intestine, blood cube(not sure whether it is duck or pig), chicken meat and no fish ball (since i don't want). This bowl cost me RM4.00 (expensive?). The soup taste not bad and it is clear without a lot of oil inside. But still I prefer the duck meat Koay Teow Th'ng in Bayan Baru market.

Besides, I found that this stall also famous for its Duck Meat Bean Sprout which many blogger introduce. Dad love duck meat, should bring him here next time when he visit Penang. When come to duck meat, I always prefer to go along with a bowl of rice, then only we can really get the taste of the duck meat than a bowl of koay teow soup.

Dhoby Ghaut Cafe
247H, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
Sungai Nibong, Penang
Business hours: 7pm-2am (closed on Monday)
Phone: 012-4859100

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