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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

McDonald's giving 2 free Big Breakfast

I just got a message from my brother saying McDodonald's giving out 2 free Big Breakfast and it is real because he just back from McDonald's with 2 big breakfast tapau back. Let me share to you all. Read below:

Thank you for making us your favorite restaurant again for the second year in a row by honoring us with the Gold Putra Brand Award, a celebration of the country's top brands as determined by you, the Malaysian consumer. 

To show you how proud we are, allow us to delight you with 2 Big Breakfast - FREE! Simply print out the attached coupon and redeem it at your favorite McDonald's restaurants serving breakfast. 
Valid until 31st March 2011. So come on over for a great start to a great day.


Unknown said...

Wow, nice~ Thanks for the information~ gonna try it~ hehe~

Su Fen said...

ur welcome..

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