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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

McDonald's giving 2 free Big Breakfast(continue)

After posting up about it, I was too excited and drive to the nearest McD to check out whether the voucher is valid. The result is yes and the place is packed. I got 2 free ala carte Big Breakfast (without drink) after pay RM5.05 for hotcake set. You just have to print out the voucher either in colour or black and white. You can just crop out the below voucher and save some ink than printing out whole page like me (too excited i guess). Here's the link again.

So if you are a person like me who only want to spend the minimum RM5 to get the 2 free Big Breakfast. Here is a tip I can show you. See the photo below, it is the Weekday Breakfast special. There are 4 sets to choose from, the tip is you can only choose from the set which stated RM4.50 but after tax it is only RM4.80 not enough for RM5 yet. So what can you do? add another extra set? No. Just upgrade your coffee or tea to hot milo for RM0.25. The price now is RM4.75 before tax and RM5.05 after tax. How smart I can be..wahaha..I got the information from my brother actually.:) So go to your nearest McD with the voucher and enjoy your 2 free Big Breakfast, valid until 31 March 2011. By the way, if you have order milo and want another cup of coffee, you can actually take your cup and refill coffee since coffee is refillable and best thing is the milo is contain in the coffee cup.They will think you are taking coffee. A kinda trick and maybe it is bad. I have not try yet but just to share with you all.


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Can take away?

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