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Monday, April 25, 2011

D'Grows Inn Cafe (Crystal Point) | Everyday Coupon

Thanks to that I have the chance to meet my bunch of "makan kaki" even during our busy day preparing for exam. It feel so good to have a nice gathering with my friends and with this coupon gave me opportunity to try new food in new place with good bargain. 
It is my 1st time to visit this place although I have been passing by Crystal point almost everyday. It is really hard to notice this place except you really search for it. It is actually located beside El Mondo restaurant  and it is called D'Grows Inn Cafe. 

Here's a brief description of this cafe that i pick from
Two humble and ambitious young ladies have come together and setup this humble restaurant – D’Grows Inn. D’Grows Inn specialized in Western and Japanese fusion. As you enter the restaurant, you will receive warn greetings from Ms Chook and her team. Her team will take care of you and make you felt at home. You will enjoy your meal in casual and comfortable environment. It really makes me felt like dinning at home without the hassle and basal of cooking and washing up. That makes D’Grows Inn a great place for family, friends and colleagues to relax and enjoy their dinner.Ms Ghee is a professional cook with great passion in culinary. She has brought home cooking with sumptuous portion for you to enjoy in a restaurant environment. No fancy and artificially presentation and dressing up.

So, I bought the coupon and the coupon provide 4 course meals that is soup of the day, main course, free flow of the drink and house dessert of the day. I got very good deal, for all this I only pay RM8.50 (np: RM20.25). 

Main Course Choice:
  1. Bombay Fish (14.90)
    Grilled fillet fish marinated with Cajun and served with our chef special Bombay sauce, wedges and daily fresh vegetables.
  2. Fish & Chips (14.90)
    Deep fried fish fillet in bread crumbs served with tartars source, chips and daily fresh vegetables.
  3. Wasabi Fish (14.90)
    Grilled fillet of fish served with creamy wasabi sauce, wedges and daily fresh vegetables.
  4. Mushroom Fish (14.90)
    Grilled fillet of fish served with mushrooms sauce, wedges and daily fresh vegetables.
But if we didn't like the above choice, there is also a range of ramen for us to choose or we could also upgrade the main course from their menu and pay the balance. Some of my friends choose to upgrade the main course as they are chicken lover.

Let see what we had for our dinner:
Soup of the day- Mushroom soup
Taste very normal, more like mushroom soup from the can

Free Flow Drink of the day (Orange or Kiwi) 

Salmon Butteryaki-RM20.90
Taste not bad but the sauce is a bit sweet

Fish and Chips-RM14.90
I must said the fish was not proper cook as the meat was still raw but we didn't complain about it. I guess it was not properly defrost when they cook. It is superbly oily, the whole skin was full of oil instead of crunchiness.

The Chef's Bombay Chicken Chop-RM 16.90
The chicken was very small and it is very spicy. The chips was overly fried. I guess it wasn't taste like the name stated.

Dessert of the day- chocolate ice-cream
"It is the best we get today" said my friends. I guess they have high expectation for the cafe when coming here since it is me who introduced to them. I guess I had disappointed them. So sorry, guys. 

The place was not bad, environment was good, a good place for gathering but the food is a bit disappointing. They need more improvement in their food to continue the business as I see the place was quite empty when we arrived and it is Friday night. Just an opinion from me. But anyway, thanks again to for such offer that we are able to try out this place.

D'Grows Inn Cafe
Crystal Point, B303-1-19
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Penang
Business Hours: 6pm-10.30pm (everyday)

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