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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Manhattan FISH MARKET Students' License to privileges! (continue)

Still remember the promotion that organised by The Manhattan Fish Market for students? Here!
So I went today to try out their promotion with my student card.I read some complaint about the promotion where a lot of students are not satisfied with the portion of seafood 101. But unfortunately I have forgotten to order the Seafood 101 instead I have ordered Cala ala Olio. Anyway, I saw other table order Seafood 101 and the portion was quite big compare to those I saw from the complaint photos. I guess Queensbay Mall outlet still provide reasonable portion compare to KL outlet. This maybe the reason they are always packed during lunch hours.

 Here is Cala ala Olio. It taste not bad, a bit spicy due to the dry chili included 3 pieces of fried squid on top of it. Anyway, the drink is bottomless. Best thing is we only need to pay RM10! not more or less.

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