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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Veneeze Restaurant | Jaya One (CLOSED)

*Latest update* 
I went back to the place again and found out that they no longer continue their business in Jaya One. You can still view the post below if you are interest.

Yesterday, my brother saw this promotion on WEBUY. So we decided to buy the voucher and try it since the place is very near our house which is at JAYA ONE. We just need to pay RM15 to enjoy RM31.90 meal which consists of 
(Choose 1 out of 6)
* Pizza Veneeze   * Pizza Haloween
* Pizza Canadese   * Pizza Quattro Formaggi
* Pizza Ai Fruitti di Mare   * Pizza Bolognese Olive
2 x Ice Tea
Soup or Salad
2 x Soup of the Day
2 x Salad
Funghi Trifolati (Fried mushroom with garlic)
RM5 cash voucher for next visit

Veneeze Restaurant is based upon the setting of San Martino Di Venice in Italy. The place is located next to a mamak stall, not sure what is the name (just saw a lot of Indian worker around there). A bit hard to find the place if you are first time to the place as the signboard is a bit small and too bright to spot it easily. I just get the information that this restaurant just started their business few days ago (I hope I get it right).

Brother ordered ice tea while I ordered a cup of hot tea. Privilege to hot tea is you can refill (just add hot water to it). If you like to add sugar to your tea, don't worry about that. For hot tea they provide sachets of sugar, even for cold tea they do provide sugar syrup for you too. I like that, satisfies both customer's need. The price for tea is RM3.90.

Potato Soup
Taste not very nice, very weird taste. No price stated on the menu. Seem like no ala carte for soup except order set meal.

Insalata Mista
Mix Salad that taste not bad but a bit dry where not enough thousand island to mix with the vegetable. Normal price is RM6.90.

Funghi Trifolati (Fried Mushroom)
1st time for me to try this dish and I like it very much. Although, it look a bit oily from the outside but it taste pretty nice. The normal price for this is RM3.90.

From the 6 choice, we choose Pizza Canadese (Mozzarella Cheese, Fontina Cheese, Chicken sausage and Spinach) which is one of the top favourite in that shop. It is a 12' pizza which consists of 8 slides of pizza in case you all want to know. It taste good, the pizza's skin is very crunchy compare to those Pizzahut or Domino's thin crust. From the photos you can see that the whole pizza is full of chicken sausages, every single bite is sausages. You will be wondering spinach on pizza, will it taste weird? I can tell you it taste great with spinach. I will definitely ask them to add extra for next visit. The normal price for this pizza is only RM19.90.

Besides, my brother was craving for dessert that day, so we ordered the only left dessert on their shop which is the brownie with ice-cream. It taste very good, the upper layer of brownie is nuts which is very nice. Best thing is they reheat the brownie so when we eat it you can feel cold from the outside(ice-cream) and hot in the inside. The price is RM7.00.

Currently, they are also have some promotion for set meals from RM11.90-RM49.90.

In case you don't know where is Jaya One, here is the map I get from their facebook.

Veneeze Restaurant
Block D, GF-Unit 19,
Jaya One, No 72A,
Jln University, Sekyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tel no: 03-79586318

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Wow, I sure will go and try it after read your comment.

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