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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Henry Cook | SS2 Mall (CLOSED)

This shop no longer in business any more. But you may still have a look on what they have offered previously!

Yesterday, I went to SSTwo Mall to try out some Nyonya food. I was caught in the jam at the roundabout which is around Sin Chew Jit Poh there for more than 30 minutes. The authorities are demolishing the roundabout to build traffic light plus a big tree collapsed and block the road to SSTwo Mall making the whole road jam like shit.

So, I went to this restaurant named Henry Cook which is located at Lower Ground of SSTwo Mall. It is very easy to be spot where you can see it from the door to the outside of the Mall. With the big and bright red colour of the signboard, I do not believe you can not spot it. 

So, here is the story of Henry Cook. It was started by Jeremy’s dad, Henry Teo who is one of the top chefs in the renowned Hyatt Hotel with a talent for curving ice sculptures. By putting together his vast experiences in western food and Peranakan food (he's a 2nd generation Nyonya), he established Istanbul Gourmet in 1995 which served a wicked range of fusion food as a small take away stall at Simei Mall. Now they are celebrating their 15th anniversary with two outlets in Singapore. After the two successful outlet, Jeremy, the owner brings in their family business to Malaysia where the first outlet now located at SS2 Mall.

The decorations and designs of the restaurant are different from the one in Singapore but the food is exactly the same with the true recipe from his dad. All the food are personally cook by Jeremy himself with two assistants.

Write your order on the given paper so that they will take your order.

Temporarily menu was given to us as their menu book still on the way and would probably out on Monday. More variety of food will be carried out from their new menu as for now they only have around 10 types of food.

Currently, they are also having a promotion of set meal which is only RM15++ with a drink + main course (rice special or chicken Donar Kebab) + soup of the day + ice-cream.

Jeremy introduced us 3 of their famous dishes and gave us a drink while waiting for our food.
Fruit Punch-RM4.00
I love this drink, not too sweet, just nice. After you drink it, I bet you want for more.
  Must Try!

 Henry Laksa-RM6.50 (without egg), RM8.00 (with egg)
It stated on the menu " no one leaves Henry Cook without try our Legendary Singapore Laksa topped with kebab chicken, fish cake, bean sprouts, laksa leaves and sambal chilli." I could said it is true. I am a very picky person especially for Laksa but it gave me very good impression on this dish. It taste like the Thai Laksa we normally find in Thai fair but this one is good. But I do found it taste a bit weird with the Kebab on it as the chicken has a strong taste of spices which I personally think it do not suit the Laksa gravy.

 Roasted Chicken Kebab with Yellow Fragrant Rice and mix salad-RM11.00
I have no comment to the Chicken Kebab as that is what they are specialise on it and it is really good. But it is the rice that make me could not want to finish it. The yellow rice was a bit hard although with smell of Indian spices adding on top the brown sauce that taste sweet (more like tomato sauce mix with soya sauce) just doesn't match at all. At first, I thought it is the Nasi Briyani that normally we will eat it with Kebab or Fried Spices Chicken but it is not. I was told it is just yellow rice cook with a lot of Indian spices then topped with the brown sauce. The mix salad was a bit salty but still acceptable, with celery on it just doesn't make it my dish. 

Stuffed Chicken Roll-RM15.60(with yellow fragrant rice) 
                                    -RM16.50(with baked herb potatoes)
This is their award winning dish at Food Asia in 1980s. Only use the most juicy part of chicken which is the chicken thigh with stuffing and marinated with their secret recipe and oven cooked. Then topped with Henry Cook’s Signature dressing and brown sauce with crisp lettuce and mixed salad. I love this dish the most. I prefer the baked herb potatoes than the yellow rice although both topped with the brown sauces but I personally think that the brown sauces suit the potatoes more than the rice. The chicken thigh was tender and juicy. Must try!

All of the dishes are big potions, I guess small eaters should bring someone along to share. With that price and quality, I think it is really worth of money to have a meal there. I will be back soon for their new menu. For more information, you can find them at their Facebook or

Lot LG-54, Lower Ground Floor,
SSTwo Mall, Jln SS2/72,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel no: 03-79541125
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00am-9.30pm

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