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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tram Car | 3 2 Square

Dad introduced us to this place as mom was craving for western food. It is located at 32 square which is just opposite of Toyota company, very easy to find. So far I have not heard of this restaurant, maybe I wasn't work at that area, not very familiar with that area too.

Here is the menu that i scanned from their paper menu:

Besides from the menu, there are also sets meal which is RM25.90 and RM38.90:
For RM25.90 set meal, you will get
-Mushrooms/Chicken soup
-Chicken Chop with gravy/ Fish and Chip
-Coffee/ Tea/ Ice Lemon Tea/Sour Plum Juice

For RM38.90 set meal, you will get
-Choose any one soup from the menu in the soup section
-Grilled Tiger Prawn with chicken/fish/lamb/ beef
-Coffee/ Tea/ Ice Lemon Tea/Sour Plum Juice

So Mom and I have order the RM25.90 set meal, each of us order fish n chip and chicken chop each plus mushroom soup, while dad and brother order the RM38.90 set meal, both also order different dish. Dad ordered the fish and brother ordered the chicken and both choose shark's fin soup with crabmeat.

Shark's Fin Soup with Crabmeat
Taste no bad in a western restaurant like this, it is unique to find Chinese cuisine in Western Restaurant and this restaurant do provide.

Bread was serve before the soup like normal. I still remember that one of my friend taught me to put sugar and butter together on the bread to make it taste better and it does work on me. Try it! It will be better if the bread serve in hot. Mushrooms Soup taste fine to me except the strong fresh mushroom smell which really trouble me to finish it. I ordered tea and it came with a small pot of Lipton tea which you can ask to add hot water to refill.

Sour Plum Juice

Ice Lemon Tea

Fish n Chip
Deep Fried Breaded Dory Fish with French Fries and Salad. It is those normal Fish n Chip that we can find in  most of the Kopitiam's Western Food stall. I personally think it is not very worth of money for ordering this as I can find Fish n Chip in Kopitiam which is much more lower than the price here and taste better too.

Chicken Chop with Brown Gravy
It is stated in the menu that it is Authentic Hainanese Cuisine of Deep Fried Breaded deboned Tender Chicken Meat topped lavishly with Brown Sauce. The first impression I look at it is "did I order wrong?" Again, another Kopitiam dish is found in this restaurant with higher price. Normal price for this is RM17.90 which only have Chicken chop with only French Fries and beans. I hardly see beans in most of the Western Restaurant now except in Kopitiam. The taste was not pretty good compare to Hainan Kopitiam's Chicken Chop. The gravy was a bit sour.

Grilled Tiger Prawn with Chicken
This dish taste not bad, the gravy for the grilled chicken taste quite good. However, the tiger prawn was a bit small compare to what I have imagined. I feel it is more like a normal prawn than tiger prawn. Overall normal, nothing special.

Grilled Tiger Prawn with Fish
Grilled tiger prawn with grilled dory fish topped with sweet sauce. It taste not bad too, I guess there is nothing much to say about since dad was not complaining it.

Mango Pudding
The dessert time! It is a bit disappointed when receiving it as it is not chill at all. It won't taste good if the pudding is not chilled. Explanation to it is: too many customer that day, the kitchen cant manage all the orders plus it is their time to buka puasa.

Besides, I was told that this restaurant do provide very good Chinese dish instead like the Cantonese Fried Noodles. I was told that the potion is very big too. Although, I haven't try it yet, if it is true, then I guess the boss should start a Chinese Restaurant instead. Besides, it is said that the Teh Tarik was very nice too and very big cup. I guess I must try this both one day.

Tram Car Cafe Sdn Bhd
C-11-01, 32 square,
No. 2, Jln 19/1, 46300, PJ
Tel: 03-79588588
Business Hours: 10am-10pm

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